Sunday, August 5, 2012

Has Anyone Tried Dove Spa Strength Within Pill?

Last Autumn we reported on the launch of Dove Spa Strength Within wrinkle pill, the world's first pill to reduce wrinkles. Has it been popular with women trying to battle wrinkles, or has it turned out to be a flop?

Hard to say since the company only sell the pill through their own site and through their centers in the UK, there are absolutely no reviews to be had anywhere on the net. It seems there are no re-sellers of the pill and usually it's the resellers who publish user testimonials. However, Dove Spa have not posted any testimonials on their own website either. Merely a sparse bit of writing about the pill. Actually there is hardly any information about the Strength Within pill to be had anywhere.

We conducted a trial of our own of the pill and to begin with we were very excited with the prospect of our face growing wrinkle free and younger looking from the inside! Unfortunately we were disappointed.

Even after using Dove Spa pills for 14 weeks as advised, we could see no real difference in our skin. In fact nothing actually happened at all.

Taking a look at what's in the product. There are isoflavones from natural soy beans, Vitamin E and A and Lycopene. This is an antioxidant with properties that might help with reducing sensitivity to UV rays. Additionally It's beneficial to the health of your eyes, however there is nothing to link it to wrinkle reduction. Vitamin A and E are very good for your skin, but they don't directly combat your wrinkles. This means they may assist us to make more of the hormone estrogen which in turn might improve skin. Balancing female hormones in the body is crucial for many things of course, but there are lots of natural products around for this purpose already.

Really, the single claim to fame that Dove Spa Strength Within has, is a spot on the BBC last Autumn at the time the product went on the market. Now after nine months of being sold, we can't find any rave reviews, no talk on blogs, nothing.

As we mentioned before in our earlier posts, the idea of a tablet that truly reduces wrinkles and functions from the inside of your body, is an interesting one because it means tackling wrinkles all over the body, not simply facial wrinkles. The Strength Within pill consists of ingredients that certainly can promote health benefits, but reducing wrinkles? We would really like to hear from our followers in the UK if you have used the wrinkle pill and had positive results!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Picking The Best Wrinkle Cream

Picking the best wrinkle cream can be very expensive by the time you've tried and tested loads of types and brands. The truth is that often you will have to test a couple before finding the right one to suit, but if you follow a few simple tips, you will find it easier to discover the right wrinkle cream for your particular skin and age.

Firstly, check out online testimonials by doing a google search for best wrinkle cream reviews. Amazon marketplace is a good place to begin. However you should bear in mind that there are lots of excellent anti aging products that are not available through the popular Internet outlets like Amazon. Plus, even when they are, you shouldn't go by Amazon reviews and nothing else, because although you may not know it, lots of the items marketed there are from individual middle men who are often only selling small amounts. This means that reviews may be scarce, but that is not always an accurate reflection on how well a product is selling. Just the same, it can be useful to check it out providing there are at least 20 reviews.

The price is another indicator when trying to find the best wrinkle cream. It's not realistic to expect very much from a product that is priced at ten dollars. At most you may get a good moisturizer, but you're not likely to see any reduction in wrinkles or any of the other signs of aging. All the same, just because a wrinkle product costs an arm and a leg, does not necessarily mean that it will produce good results. Some creams are priced at over 1000 dollars a jar, but basically, you are paying for a name rather than quality. These top end creams are targeted to the people who have more money than sense and believe that the more they pay, the more exclusive it is. This is only true up to a certain price point and you can find a good quality wrinkle cream for about eighty dollars for a month's worth. Less if you search for special deals or discounts for ordering a few months at once.

The ingredients are vitally important. The best wrinkle cream should contain plenty of the active compounds and less of the useless fluff and cheap stuff that does very little for you. In fact some of the filler used to bulk out wrinkle creams is quite bad for your face and can cause spots, reactions and blocked pores. The ingredients that actually work to reduce your wrinkles and signs of aging are the expensive ones. Hence the reason a lot of products don't work. They don't have enough of the active ingredients in them. This of course explains why cheap creams do nothing. If an anti aging cream is cheap, it's not possible that it will have enough of the compounds that will work on reducing your wrinkles. Try to find ingredients that help your skin to create more collagen and additionally look for compounds that plump your skin, such as DMEA. Avoid products that have a lot of oils because these are bad for blocking your pores and causing spots.

Products that work on the muscles underneath the skin are excellent because they help with sagging. Sagging skin is such a big tell-tale sign of age and is much more difficult to combat than lines and wrinkles. Usually you will have to pay more for something that treats multiple signs of aging in one go. The very best wrinkle cream will help to reduce sagging, wrinkles and age spots as these are the main signs of aging.

Another thing to consider is the eye area. More often than not, creams that work on the facial skin are not suitable for the eye area. This is because our eye skin is more sensitive. The skin is thinner and is more easily damaged. Many creams can be harsh and hence not safe for the eye area. Getting a separate cream for the eyes can really add to the overall price because a good one will set you back around forty dollars. The best option is to find a face product that is also an eye wrinkle cream. There are one or two excellent ones around and whilst they are a bit more costly than the rest, it still works out cheaper than buying two different creams every time.

Summing up. When carrying out your Internet search for the best wrinkle cream, do some searching around for creams with a reasonable amount of user testimonials. You might have to look in a few places to get a good idea about a particular product. Consider paying up to a hundred dollars to get a decent quality wrinkle cream. Investigate the ingredients and make sure you are not paying for oils and fillers. Lastly try and look for one that treats all the signs of aging and is additionally suitable to use around your eyes

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Retinol Pros and Cons

Retinol has been a popular anti aging compound for the last 3 years or so.  Apart from helping with wrinkles and complexion, it's also used as a prescription acne treatment.  So what are the pros of using retinol?  Firstly, it has the ability to penetrate the skin quite far down through the layers.  This is a huge advantage because so many compounds are simple not able to do this and will sit on the surface of the skin doing absolutely nothing for your wrinkles!

Secondly, retinol is a pure form of Vitamin A and this vitamin is the most important of all vitamins for our skin health.  When we age, the new skin cells forming are not the same as the cells that formed when we were younger.  It is this that causes the changes in the appearance of our skin.  So in theory, if we can produce new skin cells identical to those we produced when we were younger, we can get back our youthful skin.  Nothing yet can do this 100% or even close, however, retinol can to some degree, encourage our new cells to grow back as young cells and this is why wrinkle creams containing this substance can have some dramatic effects on our skin.  Some creams contain quite high concentrations of retinol, as much as 1%, which may not sound like a lot, but in fact any more and you would not be able to put it on your skin!

Most people who use retinol regularly, report that their skin is smoother, wrinkles and fine lines are reduced and they see an overall more youthful look to their complexion.

So what would be the cons of using anti aging products with retinol in them?  One of the main potential problems is sunburn.  Retinol causes your skin to be more succeptible to the ultra violet rays of the sun. The obvious way to prevent this is by using a good sun block cream.  Another problem reported by customers is skin peeling and dryness. This is very likely to happen because retinol is quite a powerful ingredient and the more sensitive your skin is, the more likely you are to get peeling.  Also, the higher concentration of the cream you are using, the higher chance of peeling.  If you have dry skin already, then you will almost certainly notice that is gets even dryer and starts to flake.  Another issue is redness and even puffiness in some of the more delicate areas on your face.  You should not use retinol around your eyes, unless you are using a formula developed specifically for the eye area.  This will have a much lower concentration of the active ingredient.

So, using retinol can produce great results, but it also requires caution and common sense.  Most of the common problems should disappear in a week or two, once your skin gets used to the product.  However, it's always better to start off with a lower concentration and move up to a higher one later.  This is the advice given by most regular users.  Obviously if you have problems using this substance and they don't go away after a couple of weeks, it would be adviseable to dtop using it and find an alternative. 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

How To Regrow Hair That's Gone Thin

Many people are dealing with the everyday battle of hair loss. But, it can be a result of a lot of different things. Although people are normally only worried about hair loss because of their appearance, you should find out if there is a medical reason for it. Most hair loss, however, is caused by genetic conditions. In this article, we will look at a few of the most ordinary reasons for hair loss in women and men.

Pattern baldness - a big reason for hair loss - is more likely to occur in men than in woman. In fact, the common name is "male pattern baldness." This is due to heredity, and it can occur at almost any age, depending on the genes you inherited. You've probably seen some people who have began losing their hair very early in life - sometimes before they even reach their twenties. With pattern baldness, first you'll start to see a receding hairline. A majority of your hair loss will occur on the top of your head. There's not a lot you can do about the genes you inherited, so you will probably not meet much success treating your hair loss with pharmaceuticals, supplements, or herbs. A couple of expensive remedies available to victims of pattern baldness are hair transplants or laser therapy. However a new solution on how to regrow hair has recently come onto the market and is getting good reviews

Alopecia areata is a fairly common condition that causes patches of baldness to appear on the head.

With this type of hair loss, there will be a spot or several, about the size of a quarter, in a specific spot. These bald patches are typically caused by an autoimmune disease, and there can be more than one. Sometimes white or gray hair will grow back and fill in the bald spots. For hair to be regrown in the bald areas, different medical treatments, such as injecting steroids, are used for stimulation. Usually this is the only symptom that people with Alopecia areata have, and it is not dangerous. A doctor should diagnose your problem, because a treatment can be a good thing to do.

If you choose to take various drugs that have been prescribed, which cause hair loss, then be prepared for it happening to you. Hair loss can be caused or made worse by many prescription drugs, such as birth control, acne, or those for lowering blood pressure or cholesterol.

When you are taking a certain medication, and you realize you are losing your hair, talk to your doctor. When you are taking a medication for a certain condition, it may be dangerous to stop taking it on your own. The fact is, however, that hair loss is more often caused by genetic factors, so you shouldn't assume that a certain medication is causing it unless your doctor can help you verify this. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are medical treatments that are known to have hair loss as a side-effect. The nice thing about these treatments, is once they are done, the lost hair will almost always be regrown.

The causes of hair loss can be either simple or complicated. You stand a good chance of having your hair loss reversed if it was due to a medical condition that has been successfully treated or if you were recently pregnant. For other people, heredity can play a big role in hair loss. If you're uncertain about the cause of your hair loss, it's always best to seek a professional opinion. If you know your hair loss is related to aging and pattern baldness, try the new solution mentioned earlier.  They have one hair loss product designed specifically for women and is clinically proven to help.

How To Pick A Fantastic Anti Aging Hand Cream

How often have you looked at the hands of someone older than you and thought "oh my gosh! Gosh, look at those hands. I hope my hands never look like that!" Don't worry about offending anyone. A lot of people have had the same thought at some time. The truth is that as we age, the skin on our hands ages right along with us. It loses some of its firmness. It begins to sag. You might also see some spots. However, the good news is that there are still things that can be done to keep your hands looking young and pretty. The best thing that you can do is to get a good anti aging hand cream. This article will look at some of the top hand creams available.

It's important to remember that a little bit goes a long way. The desired effect can be achieved with small amounts. A product that says otherwise isn't worth its weight in gold. These are products that often are expensive and if you are using a lot of them, then you are buying a lot just to keep up with the routine. Sometimes they are even stooping low enough to give you a weakened formula. The best ones only take a dab at a time. One thing to note with any product is the amount of time it might take for your skin to adapt. If your hands feel greasy you are probably using too much.

The damaging effects of the sun can be lessened with a cream containing sunblock. We concentrate on our faces, arms and legs but forget about the susceptibility of our hands.

The best thing to do is to look for a skin scream or hand cream that has sunblock built into it. The ingredients section of your hand cream will reveal an SPF rating if it contains a sun block. If you want to protect your hands try using a cream with an SPF rating just a bit higher than your everyday sunblock. The reason for this is that your hands are in the sun more than the rest of your body.

Make your own anti aging hand cream at home.

If you have particularly sensitive skin or issues with skin irritation making your own cream might be the best solution for you. You can find lots of natural ingredients to put in your cream. Many of these ingredients can also be found in the average kitchen. How about trying some oil, salt and sugar mix for a simple easy to make cream? Simply mix these ingredients and then apply to skin. Leave the mix on for a few minutes and rinse with water. Perfection! Your hands are softer!

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to choosing a hand cream. Brand, type, cost-these are all important factors. Ingredients are important. Before you find the right cream for your hands you may have to kiss some frogs and it's likely to take some time too.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dove Spa Strength Within Beauty Supplement

Wow, the makers of Dove Spa Strength Within Beauty Supplement have really come up with something totally different for all of us folks who are striving to look youthful and zap those aging wrinkles.  The world's very first anti wrinkle pill has just gone on sale in the UK and within 24 hours is already temporarily sold out!  There is now a waiting list for the next batch of pills.

Question is, would you take a pill like this?  Lot of other women (men too) are obviously more than willing to do so.  The wrinkle pills have been 5 years in creation, according to the manufacturers and are the next step up from anti aging creams. However, Dove Spa are not advocating that you throw all your existing wrinkle treatments in the bin, but rather to use the pills in cojunction with them.

The biggest selling point of  Dove Spa Strength Within Beauty Supplement is that it treats deep wrinkles by working on them from within your body as opposed to creams, which work from the outside.  The argument is that creams can only penetrate so many layers of the dermin and those deeper, tougher layers do not get reached by something that has been merely applied to the skin.

Even the scientists are giving these wrinkle pills the thumbs up because of the thorough clinical trials that took place prior to the pills being released for sale.  The results of the trials on 450 women indicate that these wrinkle pills do what they say on the tin and reduce deep lines and wrinkles over a period of 3-4 months.  You therefore need to buy at least three months supply and in fact Dove Spa encourage this on their order page.  No surprises there!

Most of don't mind purchasing in quantity if we know that something is going to do the job we are hoping it will do.  The proof does seem to be there and the very first customers will right now be taking their wrinkle pills in anticipation of some good results.

Biggest problem at the moment for most of us that we can't actually get our hand on the elusive  Dove Spa Strength Within Beauty Supplement because it's only available in the UK and only from selected outlets, ie Dove Spa themselves.  This company has a range of other anti aging and beauty products and these currently on sale from places like Amazon, so hopefully there are plans to make the wrinkle pills available to everyone soon